Full-Time Academy

Our Performing Arts Academy opens in 2021 with exciting vocational subjects to choose from. No uniforms! Limited space available. Enquire now for 2021.

Recording Studio

Our recording studio has a simple pricing model to eliminate any guesswork on your side. We record for our students as well as external clients.

Part Time Lessons

Want to learn how to play a musical instrument or sing correctly? We offer individual music lessons for all ages and skill levels.

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Online Shop

Want to practice at home on your own time? Shop online for Vocal Practice CDs, Drumming Practice Tracks, Gift Vouchers and more!


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M&M Philosophy

  • Over deliver on our promises 
  • Employ industry relevant artists who are passionate about teaching 
  • Aligned with what is popular in dance, music and musical theatre industries

Your #1 choice for Part-time Music/Dance/Musical Theatre lessons in Cape Town

bass guitarist

Want to learn how to sing, play an instrument or dance?

Our professional instructors offer individual or group classes for all ages and skill levels

Don’t settle for less !

It’s hard to unlearn incorrect techniques taught by amateur instructors.

Let the professionals teach you correctly from the start.

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    Say anything to take your money
    Postpone lessons
    Make you feel rushed
    Teach a sub-standard curriculum
    Offer excuses
    Teach incorrect techniques
    In the end, a professional must take over


    Give the right advice
    Start and finish on time
    Promote a love for music
    Teach proper music theory
    Deliver on their promises
    Teach professional techniques
    Finish with an awesome concert

    The main focus of M&M is our students. By making the students the centre of our activities has produced the results that brings such a wonderful sense of satisfaction. To sit and watch a student perform on stage, in a recording studio or in band week knowing that they were not able to sing or play an instrument before is the best result we can achieve.

    Why not consider M&M Music and Performing Arts Academy as your environment for learning? Let us become part of your music and dancing journey.

    The Creative Hub

    Rolf & Michelle Pearson
    Rolf and Michelle Pearson
    Rolf and Michelle Pearson

    Why choose M&M Music and Performing Arts Academy?

    We tailor our classes to the student’s needs

    We bring understanding in music, dance and musical theatre

    We teach music theory

    We provide the tools for public performance and studio work

    We nurture the confidence to play and perform like a professional in front of people

    We promote a deep love and appreciation for music/dance and musical theatre