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Are you considering a career in Music, Music Production or Performing arts, and are unsure of what career path or job opportunities would open up for you with a qualification? M&M can help you with the info you need. Click the button below for a guided tour and to meet our experienced team of Tutors at our college. M&M Music and Performing Arts College – Where Dreams Take Flight!

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THe who?

Unique to the South African environment, M&M MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS COLLEGE offers Full-Time education for the learners 16+. M&M is also unique in that it is a true Performing Arts College, covering Music, Performing Arts and Production.

Career-driven classes are internationally accredited. Our academic studies are awarded by our GED® USA and our vocational studies are awarded by ROCK SCHOOL LIMITED UK in Music – Performing Arts and Production. 

Part-Time classes are awarded by Rock School Limited.

Accredited by:

RSL Rockschool

CATHSSETA accreditation
# 613/P/000325/2021

our programs


  • Alternative education for creative learners
  • Full-Time, Short Courses and  Part-Time studies available
  • Specialized in our chosen fields
  • International Academic Qualifications through GED®
  • International Artistic Qualifications through RSL
  • Enjoy small class sizes and thus lots of personal attention
  • Experience real world training
  • Years of Experience
  • We have a passion to see the arts grow and thrive
  • State of the art facilities


M&M Alumni..

  • Maggie Troskie, Afrikaans singer/songwriter
  • Liam Burger, 375 000 views for his cover of Sound of Silence
  • Claire Rose 150 million views on Youtube
  • Michael Broodryk managing artists in South America
  • Hannah Marais working for BMG record label in the UK
  • Ryan Slater successful Christian artist
  • Taya Johnson accepted to Waterfront Theatre School

We believe in the power of dreams.

We believe that every student who walks through our doors has the potential to achieve their wildest aspirations and to build a career based on passion and artistic fulfilment.

Our mission is to create an environment WHERE DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT.
We understand that the journey to success can be challenging, therefore we are committed to providing our students with the tools and support they need to soar.

We believe in the importance of creativity and self-expression. Thus, our curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore their individuality and develop their unique artistic voice. We strive to foster a sense of community and collaboration, recognizing that great art often emerges from the collective efforts of many talented individuals.

Most importantly, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. At M&M we believe that music, dance, theatre, and other forms of creative expression have the ability to inspire, enlighten, and connect to people from all walks of life.
We are committed to creating a healthy environment where students can come together to share their passions and pursue their dreams.

At M&M we are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. We believe that with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of magic, anything is possible.


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