M&M Music and Performing Arts Academy presents an introductory course in sound engineering and electronic music production.

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  1. Learning how to navigate in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  2. The importance of MIDI
  3. Recording a live instrument into the DAW
  4. Recording a Microphone into the DAW
  5. Remixing a song using the DAW
  6. Sampling in the DAW
  7. Creating samples to use within the DAW
  8. Creating samples for live use, such as performances, live shows, live studio recording
  9. Learning to record to a metronome or click in the DAW
  10. Learning the art of beat creation and arranging
  11. Creating tracks for a band or singer to play along to with the use of a metronome, cues,  counts.


  1. Cleaning up a track using the DAW
  2. Learning the mixing tools used in a DAW such as equalization, compression, limiting etc.
  3. Mixing stems in a song
  4. Mixing the song as a whole
  5. Bouncing the song in different formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF etc.
  6. Mastering a track for commercial formats such as radio, online music stores and  television

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