Stefan – Guitar

I started playing guitar at the age of 14 in my church worship band. Since then I have gone on to play in various cover bands; played festivals; do session work for a few artists as well as record a few EP’s with the bands I have been involved with. I taught myself to play the guitar for a number of years till after high school where I studied for 12 months, spread over two years, under Egard Volchenk, a renowned South African jazz guitarist. Needless to say after that my playing went to a whole other level as I was challenged in the areas of technique and stylistic/genre based playing. The genre I help fellow guitarists include but aren’t limited to: Pop; Rock; Metal; Blues; Jazz and Classical. I have obtained my grade 8 in Rock School as well as garner more than 10 years of experience helping guitarists reach their personal goals on their guitars.

I have been an instructor at M&M since 2009. I break down my lessons into bite sized chunks, covering theory and the practical application there-of remembering.