Michelle Q – Dance/Choreography

I’m Michelle, a creative director, entrepreneur and dance teacher passionate about inspiring, motivating and nurturing talent to reach their full creative potential.

I help young professionals dream big by exposing them to all aspects of the entertainment industry including creative, technical and entrepreneurial. My aim is to produce versatile, multi skilled and highly employable talent. Resulting in financially sustainable careers and most importantly a fulfilling life they will love. 

I’m a great believer in creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment, so dancers can explore their artistry with no fear nor judgement. Conquering their day with confidence, courage and tenacity. 

Watching my students excel and love their craft, is one of the greatest rewards from working in the industry. 

My Story

Born and raised in a small UK town, I dedicated my entire life to dance. I initially trained at Middlesex University where I completed a BA (Hons) degree in Dance Performance. Whilst, studying, I trained with a Hip-Hop company, co-directed my own dance company and worked side jobs to support myself through training. 

In the end my hard work paid off and I’m extremely grateful to have enjoyed a varied and lengthy career in dance and the entertainment industry. Dance highlights include: UK Olympic Opening Ceremony, Florence And The Machine, Rihanna, Shakira, The Brit Awards, X factor Milan and X factor UK, Europe Music Awards and Nickelodeon Awards

After working as a professional dancer, I transitioned into choreography, creative direction and teaching with a company I co-founded ‘Kay & Queen’. We fused different dance styles to create spectacular performances involving high energy dance and theatrical choreography. ‘Kay & Queen’ were signed as resident choreographers to one of the top London commercial dance agencies ‘Dancers INC’ and was invited to teach and choreograph at London’s top dance colleges such as Birds Dance College, Masters Performing Arts and London Studio Centre. 

Highlights include: ‘Revolution’ in London’s West-end starring Kimberley Wyatt and Adam Garcia, a Queen themed show for Jaguar, Magic Mirror Ball corporate event based on Tim Burton’s films, the opening performance for the British Olympic Ball and choreography for Ed Sheeran’s debut hit music video ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’.

“I believe to thrive in today’s world, you can’t wait for opportunity, you have to create it!”

One of my biggest achievements, is ‘Dance Party Experience’. With no formal business training, I co-founded an independent company to share dance and make it accessible to everyone. We created over 100 jobs for top industry dancers across the UK including performing and teaching opportunities. 

Being versatile is key for a successful career in the entertainment industry and it has allowed me to continually work across multiple performance platforms around the world.

I know how challenging this industry can be, I was rejected my first-choice dance colleges, I’ve been cut from auditions that I really wanted, and I’ve been so close but not close enough many times. But I learnt to adapt, survive and thrive. Now I want to share my knowledge and experience and train the next generation of dance practitioners

I’m looking forward to my new adventure as ‘Head of Dance Department’ at M&M Music and Performing Arts Academy. I’m super excited to share my love of dance and help young professionals live the lives they’ve dreamed of. 

I can’t wait to dance with you!