Jonathan – Drums

Jon started to play drums at the age of 9 inspired by the drummers of his home church in Venezuela.

From a young age he took drum lessons and also studied Latin percussion, which equipped him to play and be able to also teach instruments such as the congas, bongos and timbales.

After high school, Jon traveled to the UK to study at the Nexus Music College, where he completed a 2-year program on contemporary music performance and also developed teaching skills.

In the UK Jon obtained his Rockschool Grade 8 certificate with distinction, travelled to 5 other countries in Europe with musicians performing at various events and also recorded drums on a few albums.

In South Africa Jon completed a RSL Diploma in Music Teaching and has had many years of teaching experience. He has done numerous drum clinics in Cape Town and has participated in various events, such as Cape Town Drummers Lunch and The Drummer Experience.

Jon’s influence has not only reached the South African drumming community but he has also had a major impact internationally through his YouTube channel that, to this date, has over 40.000 subscribers and over 4 million views.

Jon is currently a music director at View Church Table View.

Besides his drumming ability, Jon’s strength lies in his people relationship skills. He is passionate about teaching and considers it a calling in his life. The appraisal from his students and their parents will testify towards this.