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In the current music industry, electronic music production (EMP) is becoming an increasingly popular, mainstream genre. Therefore our EMP program focuses almost completely on production of electronic music, with advanced curricular requirements in areas like musicianship and keyboard skills, DJing, vocal production concepts, track building, sound design & synthesis, beat-making, plugin processing, and mixing and mastering.

Whether you are looking to produce yourself as an artist, make and sell beats online, produce for other independent artists, or become a world-class touring DJ producer, we have everything you need to up your production skill set to the next level.
Join us and immerse yourself in a world of beats, bass, technology, and creative freedom.


  • Learning how to navigate in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • The importance of MIDI
  • Recording a live instrument into the DAW
  • Learn to record a Microphone into the DAW
  • Remixing a song using the DAW
  • Sampling in the DAW
  • How to create samples to use within the DAW
  • Creating samples for live use, such as performances, live shows, live studio recording
  • Learning to record to a metronome or click in the DAW
  • Learn about the art of beat creation and arranging
  • Creating tracks for a band or singer to play along to with the use of a metronome, cues, and counts

course qualifications

Once learners have successfully completed the full-time music course, they can receive one of the following qualifications, dependent on their course selection.

  • Session Musician (Unaccredited 1 Year Course)
  • Certificate awarded by RSL UK (1 Year Course)
  • Extended Certificate awarded by RSL UK (1-2 Year Course)
  • Diploma RQF3 awarded by RSL UK (2-3 Year Course) 
  • Either Grade 7 or 8 Music Certificate
  • GED® Academic Certificate

    All M&M’s qualifications, which includes but are not limited to Graded Music Exams, Performance Diplomas, Vocational Qualifications (VQ), are internationally accredited and recognized qualifications through our independent regulated awarding organisations in the United Kingdom, regulated in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. M&M is are not registered with the Department of Education in Southern African as our RSL qualifications are not accredited or regulated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) – M&M’s qualifications are registered, accredited and regulated through our awarding organisations on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF Level 3) in the United Kingdom, regulated by Ofqual (The Office for Qualifications and Examination Regulations) for compliance and quality control. All our international qualifications are accepted worldwide through various awarding bodies including SAQA as a foreign qualification.


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      part-time music production

      Unrivalled Academic Grounding

      Rockschool Music Production was built with academic grounding and industry relevance in mind. Every practical, theoretical and aural test has been written and developed by industry professionals to give students an unrivalled level of academic grounding.

      Choose Your Area of Specialism

      From Grades 6 to 8 candidates can tailor their learning to their strengths, choosing their area of specialism, from Audio Production, Electronic Music Production and Sound for Media, whilst earning valuable UCAS points for entry to higher education.

      Enhance Your Skills

      Designed to meet the needs of all aspiring recording engineers, electronic music producers, mix & mastering engineers; this syllabus caters for anyone interested in understanding the complete range of skills essential to modern music production.

      Unparalleled Industry Relevance

      From a diverse range of production techniques, to highly relevant technical DAW skills, the Rockschool Music Production syllabus gives aspiring engineers and producers everything they need to progress and succeed in the industry.

      DAW Agnostic

      We recognise that Graded Music Exams should be accessible and relevant to a range of backgrounds and abilities so the coursework / exams are suitable for all music production software.

      WHY CHOOSE M&M Music and Performing Arts College?

      State of the art facilities: sprung flooring, mirrors, air-conditioning, future in-house theatre and health café.

      Our music diplomas are evidence that our students have successfully completed an internationally recognised music qualification and possess the necessary skills for the industry. The qualification also is awarded with UCAS points providing access to UK universities and colleges.

      End of term performances for friends and family. Individual tutorials to help with students’ progression.
      Opportunity to enrol for graded exams with an internationally recognised accreditation and a syllabus designed to accommodate all ages, experience and levels of achievement.

      Current industry teachers who are highly experienced and super friendly.


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