Meet the best music teachers in Cape Town. At M&M Music and Performing Arts College, our tutors are passionate about music and teaching the next generation of musicians.


Full-Time School Alternative:
Many creative high school students find themselves stuck in an academic world, going against everything they are as people. M&M School of Specialization now has an alternative for those students. Why not finish your high school years in an environment that suits who you are as a creative person?

Our courses are designed to give you the ultimate experience and education in the industry. Not only will you grow as a musician or performing artist, but you will also grow in the understanding of how the industry works. The exciting aspect of the performing arts industry is there are so many careers to choose from. On successful completion of our curriculum, you will be equipped to enter the industry.

For moms and dads who may be a little nervous about a performing arts education, not to worry, we have that covered with our GED® academic qualification. M&M students who successfully complete our full diploma course for “Grades 10-12” will not receive just one local certificate as commonly found at traditional schools, they will walk away with three international qualifications.  All of this providing you with the best possible skills to secure work or build a career for yourself locally or internationally. For the full-time post matric student our short and full courses will meet your needs. Pick and choose from a variety of options available to you. On successful completion you will receive an international qualification ranging from certificate to diploma, depending on your course choice, as well as an international graded certificate.

Our Expectations:

We expect nothing less than fully committed students who are serious about our industry. We want creative, passionate people who are not scared to chase after their dreams, even if the world is screaming NO!

If you are that person, then M&M may just be the perfect space for you.

Next time someone says to you, “There is no future in the performing arts industry”, you ask them one question: “During lock down, what were you doing?” – listening to music and watching movies… all of which come from the performing arts industry.

our leadership

Rolf Pearson

Director and Founder of M&M Music and Performing Arts College

Passionate about music from a young age, with a strong influence from his cousin, Rolf began to play drums in his high school years. Not academic in any way, Rolf could not wait to get home to listen to music or bash on his drumkit. Not deterred by any negativity and full of determination and perseverance, Rolf and his wife Michelle started M&M Music Academy as it was formerly known back in 2004.

M&M operated as a part-time music academy until 2021 when it converted into a full-time music and performing arts college. Finally, his dream was realized by offering a high school for creative art students.

Michelle Pearson

Founding Director of M&M Music and Performing Arts College

Michelle’s passion for music started when she was born into a family of musicians. Her father was a solo artist playing guitar at venues and her brother was musically talented in the performing arts at school and at musical society after school. Michelle took part in musicals, choir and acting roles in high school.

faculty heads


HOD Performing Arts/Musical Theatre


HOD of Music


HOD Performing Arts/Dance

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