Professional drum lessons for beginners and pro’s in Cape Town

The drum course will enable you to reach heights you never thought possible. Through expert tuition you will acquire the tools you need for accuracy, fluency, power and speed. You will explore a number of styles and techniques, which will be applied in songs during class. Generally we are able to train students from the age of 4 years and up on drums.

We hold regular band weeks for all students. This is a great part of the learning journey that really allows students to develop live playing skills and confidence behind the kit. Playing with other musicians helps drummers to understand how important their role is within the band.

We offer Rock School International exams in drums from Debut to Grade 8, as well as studio recording sessions to keep track of the student’s progress. If you are an advanced drummer or already are a professional drummer, our teachers can help you to set and achieve specific goals that will help you within your career, such as enhancing your overall skills to enrich your playing, specialising in a specific style, learn to transcribe drum charts, learn to use the best tools and skills to play publicly.