About Us

Do you have a desire to play the drums or improve your guitar skills or another band instrument? If so, then M&M is the perfect part-time Music Academy for you.

We offer musical training in all the popular band instruments from beginner to advanced of all ages.

Visit the “Instrument buttons” to learn more about our drumguitarbasspiano/keyboardvocal and music production courses.

We also offer examinations in Rock School and Trinity which are internationally as well as university recognised certificates

M&M also records and edits music/promo video’s for YouTube

Our fully equipped studio is used for the development of our students to track their progress as well as for band/backtracks/jingles/voice overs/beats or any other kind of recording required.

So browse through our site and if you have any questions please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

All classes are individually taught, once a week for 30 minutes in duration. For advanced students, lessons twice a week or hour classes is possible. All classes are taught by professional and experienced staff at our facilities.

Our classes enable students to develop creatively within a framework of study and technical development. Students will be guided through the work provided to them on a weekly basis enabling them to develop in their instrument which allows the student to express their desires confidently through their instruments.

“Four Pillar” Training Program

“Class, studio, exams, performances”

At M&M we believe that not only should our students excel in music but should be given the opportunity to grow their performance confidence. We do this through our annual concerts, and band week. Band Week which is held once a term where the students are taught to play in a band with other students under the supervision of the teachers. We find that this helps the students develop an understanding for music outside of the normal classroom scenario. A further way of developing a student is through our recording studio. Periodically they will be given the opportunity to record a “Progress Report” to track their progression. This has proven to be an excellent training method especially in vocals and drums. Vocalists are always shocked to hear their voices recorded and drummers are frequently challenged on timing issues. Through the progress report method we can help the students in these critical areas.