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5 Reasons to Study Performing ARTS AT M&M Performing Arts Academy

Not many people realise this, but performing arts plays a huge role in our everyday society. Studying the performing arts gives people a way to express themselves in many different ways. The Performing arts are powerful. It gives people power in the sense that they can be whoever they want when appearing on stage.

We are proud to say the the M&M Music Academy is one of the top performing arts schools in Cape Town. We offer a three-year full-time Performing Arts Course that combines vocals, acting and dance. Now the question is, why would you want to study performing arts? Well, we have a few reasons for you!

5 Reasons to study Performing Arts AT M&M Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts helps with Self-Expression

By studying dancing, acting and singing, you will have the ability and opportunity to express your ideas, your feelings, and your opinions. This is perfect for people that does not know how to express themselves through talking to other people in conversations. 

Performing Arts Enables the ability of Empathy

“The arts enable us to put ourselves in the minds, eyes, ears and hearts of other human beings.” – Richard Eyre.  If we can put ourselves in the shoes of others, then you will instantly be a better and more convincing performer. You will also be able to tell stories from another person’s point of view and find compassion for others.

Performing arts helps us to Understand the body

If you understanding how your body works, your performing arts training will become so much better. By studying performing arts the correct way, build up stamina, flexibility, physical freedom of expression. The arts provide us with amazing opportunities.

Performing Arts Boosts Creativity

When it comes to creativity, it is easy to see how performing arts can boost our ability to be creative. When studying performing arts, you can be whatever you want. Creativity is the core of performing arts!

Performing Arts Approves Communication

We know that some people can find it very hard to communicate with other people through talking. This is where performing arts can help you. The study of theatre, dancing and singing gives you the opportunity to tell others how you feel without using words or talking to them directly.

At M&M Music Academy, our performing arts students can explore every aspect of the performance world. They can study anything from music classes to part-time saxophone lessons. Contact MMMA today for enrolment!


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